Beware!! Direct Buy did not want my business.

I'm A home owner doing a major remodel. I wanted to attend there seminar in Myrtle Beach and bring my neighbor(who is also doing a major remodel)They did not want him and I to attend. They insisted I bring my wife or significant other. Its clear to me they are tring to sell you on a time share or cruise package as a bonus .

Just a bunch of ***!

I have money to spend on high end kitchen and appliances, They can kiss my butt!Do not do business with these creeps.

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I see that there are some who are unhappy with the way DirectBuy does business.

Let me ask you.. Would you purchase a home without your spouses approval or at least support?

When your married your spouse will have to sign any membership papers that you do. Wouldn't you want your spouse to see what he/she is actually agreeing to?

Where are you going to go to purchase straight from the manufacturer? This is the ONLY company of it's kind. They do not make one single red cent on any of the purchases you make. DirectBuy isn't selling you products. They are offering you the opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, through the course of your life time, on literaly thousands of products. All products are bought from the manufacturer.

Unfortunately it is true that once you have taken the tour and decline the membership you are not allowed again for 7 years. This is to protect the manufacturers information. This is not open to the public. You only have one shot at checking it out. You can go, listen to the speaker explain to you how it works, look through the available product lines and compare prices on specific items. I'm sure that DirectBuy owners hate this rule, but rules are rules. If you can't follow them don't bother with it.

I can assure you that DirectBuy has nothing to do with any kind of Timeshare program or the likes.

Just because you do not understand, does not mean it's a scam or wrong.

Albrighton, England, United Kingdom #15322

Hi, I am also doing a remodel. I am getting this from directbuy RM255barb samsung fridge that retails for 2999$ in the USA and 3999$ in Canada I am getting it from Directbuy for 2290$. so right there (for canada I am saving 1700$. The kitchen I am getting is ~ 7620$ and 6000$ with Directbuy so yet another 1500$ saving for a better kitchen. There goes the 5000$.

Now we are also getting 5.49$/square foot Hardwood floors that retail 8.99$/sqf. and I need 1800sqf. and so on. and on.

I think that Directbuy is only for those that will need at least 2-3 large purchases and then they do believe in it. I joined on the spot because I saw the potential I knew the prices of the products I wanted and then compared with what they had (they do let u check that first before yo ubecome a member) and there I saved over 13000$ which means that I actually get to keep 8000$ dollars that I do not need to spend ... so I think it was and is worth it for us.

Whitehaven, Tennessee, United States #15075

I can't believe people are actually falling for this that's nuts!! What person is going to pay 5,000 for a membership when there not allowed to go home and think about it.When they told us we have to decide then or were not allowed back for 7 years that made my mind up right there and then NO WAY!!!

Cisco, Texas, United States #13893

Good Day Sir/Madam, so sorry you had this kind of experience with Direct Buy, however it's not a scam, if you don't understand why they want you to bring your partner.....ask. My wife and I are members and we have saved big money, but to be a member is costly and they just don't want to loose a sale.

The way around it is to tell them your single, hear what they have to say, and make your judgement call after the speech (but don't sign). You leave discuss it with your wife/partner, and then have them make an appointment with you as the gueat/partner/husband. But take some product info with you and have them do the price comparison in front of you incl. all delivery charges/taxes/service fees/etc.

and have your FINAL PRICE tx incl (+ del if any) before you go. Choose a few different things.

Big savings on furniture and major appliances. Good Luck.

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