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Join me in a class action lawsuite against Direct Buy.

I have tried many time to cancel the membership and they blew me off for a month. Saying the the guy who handles this was out of the office, at ,lunch, sick and out, helping someone and will call me back and never did.

Either way a total scam. I went to the location and st that time he wasn't even in the office. How can they have only one person that can cancel this membership.

Finding out later that there was a dealine to cancel and I had missed it. I have made numours calls to them and no one will help me with canceling.

Now some company named Beta wants to collect payment. Join me to stop this scam

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #726894

Your complaint is quite valid. It would help, though, you sound more intelligent and believable if you would check your spelling and grammar.

This is not a criticism of you, but rather a suggestion. I am not a member or in any way affiliated with Direct Buy, but just find it fascinating to read all the complaints customers have made against them. It kills me how many gullible people they have reeled in. And a judge has called the contract they make you sign the most one-sided he has ever seen.

Read the fine print, folks.

They can verbally promise you the moon, but nothing will be guaranteed, and it says that right in the small print.

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