I have read many complaints and defenses regarding Direct Buy. One major thing I have noticed amongst all of the statements. The ones that are complaints are all well written. All complaints were done so sticking to the point, had correct spelling usage, and grammatically correct. The ones defending Direct Buy are not well written. Misspellings all over the place, no focus, and grammar was lack luster.

Naturally when someone has been taken advantage of they are going to feel hurt, angry, and guilty for letting it happen in the first place, which adds to the anger. Those statements defending Direct Buy tend to attack the customer. They do not focus on anything specifically positive that Direct Buy has to offer, something tangible, which is what Direct Buy is offering and ultimately does not deliver. Usually, a reputable organization and company offers something substantially tangible when they appear to have done something wrong, whether they truly have done something wrong or not. Those defending Direct Buy are obviously defensive and go on the attack to destroy customer claims by using smoke and mirror techniques.

The situation is truly unfortunate. I hope justice is served and all those involved truly get what they deserve.

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