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I bought a Direct Buy membership last year. My first visit was awful. The clerk was rude and had an attitude. I spent about 2 hours there and looked though all of their appliance catalogs. I did not find what I wanted. The clerk told me that I had to go to the city I lived in to get blueprints for my kitchen and bath that I wanted remodeled. Of course, they did not have any since my home is very old.

I ended up buying the appliances at Lowe's. I asked for a refund of my membership fees and I could not get them.

I even went to the channel 7 consumer advocate volunteer who said she could not help me and she asked me to call them and ask for a refund. I did and the owner wanted me to meet me at his office to discuss the problem.

I did not meet with him, since gas is expensive and the office is in Mountain view and I am in S.F. I figure all he had to do is refund my money, which was $6, 919.00. I could use that money snce I am unemployed and have bills like everyone else.

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You are unemployed and spent over $6,000 on a membership that is used to expend more $$$$!!! You are also too lazy to drive to meet with the owner to reach a compromise because gas is expensive?

what your car is the space shuttle? Your post does not add up...


Sounds like Christina is a DirectBuy employee or plant. Thanks for the warnings about this place. We won't go near it.


DirectBuy is a great place. Just because one clerk at one location was rude to you doesnt say anything about the pleasant and caring service that everyone receives when they enter DirectBuy.

I have been a member for three years now and I am so grateful that I joined! I have never had a problem finding items especially appliances they have all the brands!

And there is always outside merchant members that carry other items that they may not! I recommend everyone to join that is interested and remodeling!


Thanks for the heads up. We own three rental properties and I've been tempted to check these guys out. The pitch seemed too good to be true - gotta be a catch there somewhere.

Your post has helped me keep away from these guys.

Thank you.




sorry to hear you got scammed also.,

my only comment is that the channel 7 consumer advocate is in a way part of the scam ( directbuy is one of the stations advertisers)

you should contact a few more stations ( just summerize your story and add info and links about the directbuy scam) and sent it to all the email addresses you can find for local stations.

these crumbs need to be exposed

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