I have been reading the reviews of DB. Because of them I probably will not shop there. But, The review from Chad(get a life) really tic me off. I am a Republican and I am not rich, also I am retired military.

Since when have the Republicans had any thing to do with running a store? If you have a complaint just make it and keep your other views to your self. Sound to me like you(Chad ) are an ***.

Get back to Direct Buy , I was really suprised with all the bad reviews. It seemed like it would be a good deal

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chad is just pissed cause obama did the pluming on joe momma


I'm republican also, but don't see what it has to do with Direct Buy. I'm not swimming in money, but signed up because I thought it might work in the long run. However, after sleeping on it, I decided to get out.

NJ law gives you 3 business days to get out of "any" contract. Sent a certified letter, returned their stuff and got the contract cancelled and had my original money refunded all within a month.

I'm VERY happy I got out! It's not a bad place, just NOT FOR ME! Has nothing to do with political party.


Remember, when one has to shell out thousands of dollars for a membership fee so that you can spend thousands more on shopping, then you know there's something wrong.

Chad is a douche, clouded by he's left-wing Democrat colored-glasses

And I'm not even a Republican and thinks Chad and toilet shopping goes together

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