I went to one of their open houses. I was amazed at how many forms you had to fill out and how everything was all secure and secretive. We go through the whole thing and watch the video bla, bla. 2 things jump right out at you...first, is the $5000+ membership fee and second is the fact that you can't come back if you decide not to sign up that moment.

Anyway, me and my fiance were very interested seeing as we would be buying a place soon, however, we don't make much money and tend to look for good deals while shopping. I admit that we were really rash in our decision. After we left, I didn't feel 100% about it, and doing a quick search on the internet made me find that, despite potential savings, we would really have to spend A LOT of money in order to even get close to breaking even. Plus you can only shop there, from their catalogs, no refunds, no samples and the website is terrible.

Fortunatly, the state gives us 3 business days to cancel in writting and get a refund. They were nice, but they tried whatever they could, including making some rather dubious statments and guarantees that I know they couldn't keep, to try to make me stay.

Bottom line, Direct Buy DOES work if you spend a lot of money. If you are going to buy a house and redecorate the whole thing wall to wall, then you WILL save money, but for us, being on a tight budget and trying to save, it just becomes another expense that doesn't pay off.

Never EVER let someone make you sign anything without giving you at least a day or two to sleep on it.

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Whitehaven, Tennessee, United States #14850

I will be report this attorney generals office that's the best idea I heard so far ...once I got home and looked up what I could buy a certain tv they kept saying about and found that I could buy that same tv for 600 to 800 dollars less then direct buy. I was very upset that I wasted all that time at direct buy I live 3 hours away from the nearest DB and then sitting there for almost 2 hours just to find out what this place is really about makes me really mad and I will never say a positive thing about them again

Orel, Orel, Russian Federation #14430

If you do sign up, you'll be wasting a lot of time driving back and forth to stores that have displays and samples. And you'll feel guilty for wasting salespeople's time in those stores since you aren't going to buy anything except from your Direct Buy catalog. Have fun in the low life world.

Odessa, Texas, United States #9898

Very intresting. Tight budget.

Paying retail.... Have you ever given any thought as to the reason you are on a tight budget ? Maybe where you currently shop at is the problem.

Try something new. That includes thinking for yourself and not someone elses blogs.

Leander, Texas, United States #9729

PLEASE, to all those who have complaints, please report to your state Attorney General's Office, as well as the US Attorney General's Office. If enough people complain, they will look into this company's shoddy practices and do something about it! It's all online to fill out, PLEASE do it now!!!

Leander, Texas, United States #9722

What state are you in?

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