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My husband and I have been Direct Buy members since January, 2008. We are building a new home and when we went for the "tour" it sounded like such a good opportunity that we just knew we could save money in the long run.

So far, we have found nothing that we could not buy for the same price or less at the local stores. If we had purchased our windows (Pella) through Direct Buy, we would have spent several hundred dollars more! The store where we eventually bought our windows actually referenced the same company as being their supplyer that I had gotten a price from through Direct Buy. And, we got our windows cheaper through that store than we were quoted from their supplyer as Direct Buy members.

This has been the situation each time I have tried to make a purchase for my new home.

Since I'm stuck as a member, I'll keep trying to go through Direct Buy hoping to eventually break even.

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Kista, Stockholm, Sweden #12930


Fall Creek, Wisconsin, United States #11591

What most people do not understand is that they also make money on the "float". They will tell you that they need six weeks for the order to arrive.

They do not even ORDER what you want for at least 4 weeks so that they have possession of your money for other investments. What a rip-off! I was able to prove this with some needed parts that they said the manufacturer could not have for 5 weeks.

I went to a retailer who also had to order the part from the same manufacturer and had the part in two days! CROOKS!!!!

Leander, Texas, United States #9737

PLEASE, to all those who have complaints, please report to your state Attorney General's Office, as well as the US Attorney General's Office. If enough people complain, they will look into this company's shoddy practices and do something about it! It's all online to fill out, PLEASE do it now!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #7495

I expiereinced the same situation. It sounded like a great deal but I've found items cheaper that Direct Buy each time I've purchased or obtained estimates for all the items I've needed. :(

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