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direct buy is a scam they use pressure tactics to sale there memberships

without letting you know what is in there data base you cant order online it a complete rip off 5000$ rip of and trying to get a refund is next to impossible ,its only good for people that can already premium items and that dont look at sales because 99% of the time if you wait for any store to have a sale you will end up with a better deal dont let them save your self the money and don t buy a direct buy memebership

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada #970136

so will head office pay me back

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada #814913

you are a i have the 5000$ bill to proove it...unless they where opperating without authorisation...thanks for calling me a bullshither

they where localised out of burnside in halifax nova scotia

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada #814912

there was a direct buy in nova scotia at the point where i posted this message...they are a bunch of thiefs

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #814891

You live in Nova Scotia, there are no DirectBuys there, how do you even have experience pr knowledge to even comment on here? Did someone pay you to post bad things?

I have been a member for 5 years and have mode my money back 5 times. Oh there have been a few problems happen but nothing that doesn't happen in retail.

to tired of whiners Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada #814940

truly there was a direct buy in nove scotia 2009 i dont *** they took my money and left

to tired of whiners Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada #814941

did some one pay you to intimidate people...

to tired of whiners #927027

I am a Direct Buy member since 2006.

There is a Direct Buy in Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

I have enjoyed being a member and have not had any major issues.

Everyone however is entitled to their opinion.

People should do their homework before attacking others.

By the way their phone number is 902 444 7413. If anyone would like to verify.

to Anonymous #969766

As of the beginning of 2015 this location in Burnside has been shut down by Head Office.

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