I have two friends who explored Direct Buy in two different cities, but with same result. A boring, vague initial video presentation, followed by high-pressure "now or never" offer to present the firm with several thousand dollars, NOW - either by full payment or via outside financial firm at usurous rates.

Neither facility had the type of visible resources to provide what was purported. This is obviously a franchised outfit, with upfront money - and continuing "membership" charges following. Like so many scams, they are in business to effect this, rather than provide any useful or valuable service. There MAY be some of their operations which act legitimately or usefully, due to conscientious franchisees - but it would seem this is simply an instance of "even a stopped clock being right twice a day." The two main caveats would be the many complaints here and on similar sites, and the high-pressure tactic to insist an immediate "forking over" a considerable sum of money.

The "hard sell" reps also demonstrate the worst of all we've ever heard about high-pressure, smarmy, unctious sales types.

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