They hide information, placing it on the last page of their advertizment and neglecting to mention it on phone calls. They use tactics to get you to think that you have to decide instantly.

Its a substantial investiment ($6300.00+), they used high pressure tactics and even told us that we were not open-minded. They used conflicting information and then tried to make use feel bad about saying no.

Beware, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. After coming home and reading the reviews, I'm so glad we didn't get pushed into making a quick decision.

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Services was horrible from the begining...my orders tood more than 2 months to arrived and when they came pieces was missing and even after 8 months passed still no solution for the problem


This company changes its name frequently because of a poor consumer record. It was formerly known as UCCTotalHome & UCC.

There are many online reports on all these companies regarding their poor consumer record. Look up 'direct buy scam' on any search engine.

Since you are reading this you probably don't know much about how a company like this does business.

A company with a dubious product or service for sale (like this one) will attempt to use coercive persuasion to make you buy. This may be a 'fear of loss' technique (you will not be able to tour the showroom and check prices again for 7 years if you don't sign-up TODAY) or 'power close' techniques (pushy repeated directives to buy NOW) to 'intimidate' you into buying. Remember, they have nothing to lose ... they will not see you again if you don't buy 'today' so they are liable to try anything that might 'close the sale' with your personality type.

Time share is sold this way and some health club memberships because so many people drop out and don't use their memberships. They are really just selling 'time' to use their facility ... they have virtually no additional expenses when you join.

Learn to use the computer and you will get better pricing than this company offers! Plus, they charge you an 8% handling charge on every purchase and you have to get your purchase from their store to your home, at your expense.

The contract, which no attorney would ever let you sign, is so one sided that it is patently fraudulent. But since you cannot take it home to review it ... most people who do join based on hype and inaccurate claims, find themselves holding a document that gives them virtually nothing for their money.

OH, I forgot to mention the contract bars you from almost any legal action once you've found an expensive lawyer who can understand it! It even allows their sales person to say anything and it doesn't matter, only the legalistic contract matters.

They are selling the equivalent of a SAMS CLUB or Costco membership for thousands!

Personally, I can find better deals than even SAMS or Costco normally on the internet (that deliver to my home, not a warehouse) (without sales tax) so DirectBuy selling for thousands is a total RipOff!

You are paying for a 'buying club' that gives almost no service, has prices that can be beat by almost any online discount retailer. They hide behind a clever contract that gives you no rights to contest anything.

AVOID! If it were a good, decent company they would be happy to let you try it for a month for free and then pay monthly.

But if they did that no one would pay their price.

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