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I did the worst mistake by calling them a month ago to gather some info about this busies. First of all they didn't stop calling me over and over to schedule an appointment for an "open house", they even called me 20 times one day, finally my fiancé and I decided to go last Saturday, because you MUST go with your significant other or you can't get the open house free pass.

They asked us to be there 15 minutes before the presentation, we got there 20 minutes before and nobody was in there, after waiting they finally opened the door, we waited for almost another 20 minutes for a "couple" that was coming to the presentation. As we waited a sales representative started talking to us about our things, it seemed that we had so many things in common, kind of weir. We started the presentation movie without the other couple, then after 15 minutes they showed, the look very similar to us, same age, dressing very casual like us and they were also engaged. As soon as they arrived the guy told my fiancé "I’m not buying this stuff" but by miracle 5 minutes after he was 100% in to this business.

Later a "member" of direct buy showed us newspaper ads of furniture’s and appliances with prices and he compared how much money we will be saving with DB. Suddenly the "lecture" became a game between both couples to guess how much money we will be saving, this other couple of course new every single penny of how much we will save... again, "too weird". After one hour of suffering the presentation ended and they directed us to our sales representatives, the other couple disappears in action and at the same time the show room was full of people, looking the manuals and placing orders.

This happened in less than one hour, from having nobody to open the door to having more than 20 people or as they call "members". The deal is that you have to pay $4,500 for the first year and then $610 for the rest of your life. It's taking or leave it; you can't go home and "think about it" you have to pay in the act or leave. We felt that they push us to make the deal the entire time we were around.

We just told them that DB wasn't for us but they kept pushing and pushing until we "run" away. Please don't go, run away be smarter than us, it's a waste of time, money and can ever lead to a "divorce"

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Spring Green, Wisconsin, United States #11804

This is for the Vancouver Location..If u are smart...DO NOT JOIN.. the company is a joke, the funiture always comes in broken, late, half is missing..nobody wants to work there but they do...

the owners are a bigger joke, they are never there and when they are... they never know what they are doing..they have not appreciation for who works for them.

Spring Valley, Wisconsin, United States #11801

Directbuy is a JOKE, do not trust it is VERY poor and ownership is beyond ur money do not join! the owners now do not know what they are doing, they do not know how to run a business and do not care for the people who work for them and the people that have joined...this is for the Vancouver location, off East Broadway and Lilloeet

Leander, Texas, United States #9730

PLEASE, to all those who have complaints, please report to your state Attorney General's Office, as well as the US Attorney General's Office. If enough people complain, they will look into this company's shoddy practices and do something about it! It's all online to fill out, PLEASE do it now!!!

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