We received a letter from CP Company in West Palm Beach FL. The letter said in honor of my wife's birthday they would like to give her a new laptop notebook computer with new Microsoft software and a $250 Cash Rewards Card. When we called the number listed they set up a time for us to visit Direct Buy in Naperville and attend a presentation.

I attended the appointment but my wife could not because she was sick. After filling out a form, one of their employees told me we both had to attend the presentation. They told me to call to make another appointment and gave me handouts on how to obtain the computer and cash reward card by going to two different websites.

I went to the cash reward card website (www.rewardscash.com) and discovered it was a cash savings card not a cash card. The card was worth $5.00 off each item you selected with you having to pay for the rest of the purchase price.

The computer website (www.productclaimcenter.com) required you to pay an Activation Fee of $24.95 plus a $49.95 shipping and handling fee before they would send you the computer.

The initial letter we received mentioned no charges of any kind to obtain the two items that Direct Buy was "giving" us. I sent an email to the computer website asking about these charges but never received a reply even though it says on their website that all emails are answered within 48 hours.

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