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I attended one of their presentations. From the moment I walked in the door I could tell I was part of their "plan". Everything seemed to be very fake.

First off, there was no other "members" in the place. That should have been a clue. Before I got to the place I had received a postcard in the mail with boxes to check of the items I would be buying. That didn't matter though because they asked me to complete a "required" survey. This older guy acted very unusual, like he was trying to figure out if I was good enough to participate in their program. He showed me examples all around the place and kept talking about savings. The place does not have a bunch of items on display. You have to order from a catalog. He was evasive when I asked questions about shipping, delivery, cost. The items he showed me are not items we would buy.

After we made our way through the store he told me to get something to drink. I wasn't thirsty yet, but figured this was part of their plan to lure us in. We tried their coffee machine, but it didn't taste good.

I didn't realize we'd be in a group presentation. Without saying much, he told us it was time to get started. He took us into a room and we saw other people seated waiting for the presentation. During the presentation I watched a couple of short videos and a guy named Mark or Matt told us about different ads that members had given him showing the savings we would get. The guy that did the presentation was terrible. He was very, very fake and seemed condescending when we asked a couple of questions. If I wasn't in the front row I probably would have left.

At the end of this long, drawn out presentation he told us the membership was $6000 for 2 years. I could hear several other couples in the room gasp as I did. No wonder they wouldn't tell us how much it was on the phone. Totally unbelievable. I have to save lots of money to save back the $6,000 on the membership.

After the presentation in the room we were herded out to the presentation in their main showroom. I was still in disbelief about the cost of the membership. He showed us yet another example of a pool table that he said we could save $6,000 on. Why would I ever spend that much on a pool table to begin with. During the pool table portion I looked around and saw sales people line up behind me and the others in the presentaton.

Now, it all really started. The old guy asked what we thought and when we told him that spending that much to save money didn't seem right. He acted very easy going at first, but now the pressure really started turning up. He insisted we wait so that we could hear what he had to say. I tried to be polite, but when I asked questions he avoided direct answers and told some story that didn't relate to the question I asked. It was very annoying. After spending about an hour there and saying no about 5 times he told me that he had to show us the showroom. I asked if we could start by the front door. He laughed at me and said we could end there, but there was no way we would start there.

After walking around the building he told us to sit down and when we figured out which plan we would sign up for then he would help us get out of there quick so we could go have dinner. I didn't realize it would take so long and hadn't had dinner yet. I told him that we just wanted to leave because we were hungry. He said it would cost $1,000 more if we left that night and came back another day. I told him that if I wanted to join I would pay that same price the next day. He told me that he would have to charge me an extra $1,000 if I came back the next day. I said that was a pressure close and he said that there was no pressure, but I did want to save money didn't I?

He told me to wait because he wanted someone to talk to me. Some lady came over and told me she had saved lots of money on stuff she had bought. I think she may have been another employee that they planted since there was no one in there when we first went in there it seemed pretty fishy.

I told this closer that I wanted to see pricing. He was very hesitant and I told him there was no way I would even be remotely interested unless I could see pricing. He finally showed me a book for a washing machine and we looked at some wood flooring. I wanted to compare pricing and when I pulled out my iPhone he took the catalog back. I told him that I wanted to just double check pricing to see I would save money. He told me that I had to just trust him. I finally got to see the pricing and I would have saved a whopping $35 on my washing machine that was after having to pay for the shipping and handling. I asked what the handling fee was and he couldn't give me a straight answer. I guess the handling fee is their profit margin.

We had two other people come over to try to close us. It was high, high pressure and very, very uncomfortable. This does not make since. Do not waste your time. If they won't tell you the price up front then it is a bad deal. If you cannot think about it overnight, then it is a bad deal. If the hair stands up on the back of your neck, and it should, then you should run. Don't sit down or they'll keep you there. I left hungry, angry and in disbelief about what they were doing. Avoid Direct Buy Fresno. It is a scam.

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Antelope, California, United States #939327

Wait till you pay the money and then they close he the location down. You can only use the web site and no location services to talk about.

Fresno, California, United States #919879

According to the Fresno Better Business Bureau, DirectBuy is now closed. Good riddance.


They are closing shop in Fresno, CA.

Their #1 rule to be a member is.....You are not allowed to shop anywhere else due to price competition.

Bakersfield, California, United States #796936

I was really looking forward to go to do shopping for my new house furniture from Direct Buy ,but after reading that review I don't think l can trust them now. Thanks so much for writing about your experiences with them.

Fresno, California, United States #763492

I've dealt with these kind of places before.. I've learned to avoid them. If you just do your homework and shop around, you will come out far ahead.

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