Direct Buy has a deal with this web site to remove anything they determain BAD FOR THEIR BAD BUSINESS IN ORLANDO FLORIDA.I am sure Brian Cohen the owner of Direct Buy is paying them off.CONSUMERS BEWARE and potential job applicants BEWARE.

For a complete run down of how this compamy perfers to do business I can give anyone the info.Just e-mail jcholloway@embarqmail.com and I will e-mail you back a copy of what has been posted and removed by this web site 5 times.Now do you think Direct Buy has something to hide???????

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Thanks for your assistance in spelling.

Sometimes proof reading isn't done and the mind goes faster than the fingers.

I'm sure you never make mistakes.

However I am sure people understand waht I am writing anyway,apparently you did...


Dude, have you ever heard of spell check? The word "determain" is spelled determine, "negetive" is spelled negative, "resently" is spelled recently.

How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you spell like a first grader?

There is a spell checker on this site and there are little red lines under the word that is misspelled. :roll


I have confirmed this am that Direct Buy has struck a deal with a few consumer Web sites to remove negetive comments about their company. This information was sent to be this morning by way of the Rip Off Report web site. They described in detail how they are protecting Direct Buy from Negetive consumer comments and will continue to do so in the future.

This confirms my belief about the removal of 5 individual reviews I have resently placed on this web site and others about Direct Buys business practices.

Well now we know how corrupt the system really is about protecting companies on the internet that can be bad for consumers.

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