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Don't get sucked into buying a membership. We bought one knowing we were going to make some major purchases for our home.

Sales presentation makes you believe they really can get better pricing. But, the truth is, you're better off shopping retail. We replaced a fence using a popular local (South Jersey) fence company. DB's price WITHOUT installation was as much as our installed price...dinnerware they sell in their catalog was less expensive direct from the manufacturer!(via web or catalog).

Direct Buy doesn't guarantee the consumer anything....BUYER BEWARE!

and they have a NO REFUND policy...don't waste your money!

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Price is determined by the francise owner. although the Corporate support is great, each of the francises are individually owned thus each club has an element of the individual owner that can make the club great or poor.


I had just set up a Direct Buy showroom appointment when I decided to do a little online checking. Thank goodness for this web site and to all you people who took the time to comment on your experiences! You saved me a bundle of $, time and agravation!


... by their high-pressure sales tactics. I visited the Sacramento, CA, store. Good thing I didn't sign up, the price seemed astronomical -- 6500. It would take me at least three years to break even. That is -- if their savings are as advertised.

Funny that they would not let me even look at one item's price (unless I sign up, of course), so I can get an approximate idea about the accuracy of their claims!

You are really buying a cat in a bag -- no way to verify their claims until you actually sign up.

Also, what's the deal with widely-varying sign-up fees, as I find out on this site? Somebody paid 5000, somebody 8000. I was asked 6500. Does it depend on location or do they size you up from the clothing you wear or the car you drive?

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