We paid $5000 for our membership. After joining we ordered $24,000 in kitchen cabinets. When we presented Direct Buy with a cabinet quote we received from Menards for the exact cabinets, they would not honor the quote. Bottom line, we paid Direct Buy approx $2000 more for our cabinets then we would have paid retail.

Not only do you pay a membership fee upfront they also charge a fee each time you order anything.

It is frustrating to shop with them, you need to search endlessly in catologs for items. It is much easier to buy products on-line and much better pricing.

Don's let their hard sell tactics fool you into joining. DIRECT BUY IS A RIP OFF

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DirectBuy Sued!

A federal lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in Hartford against the national high-end DirectBuy franchise operation, accusing it of falsely telling prospective clients that they are getting furniture, appliances and other household products at manufacturer prices.

In a lawsuit filed by attorney Seth R. Klein of Hartford, DirectBuy is accused of hiding the fact that DirectBuy receives rebates from manufacturers which are not directly passed on to their members, who pay as much as $7,000 to join for two or three years. The lawsuit, which seeks to be certified as a class action representing thousands of present and former members of the more than 100 franchises, was filed earlier this month. It follows a column on DirectBuy that disclosed the rebates, which are kept secret from its members and from those it entices to join through high pressure sales techniques.

DirectBuy officials had no comment on the suit but had said earlier that it uses the millions of dollars it received in rebates to the benefit of its members.

We will see what a jury has to say about that.

Westmoreland, Kansas, United States #18777

This person is right! I bought a membership also but was not told there is a $200 fee after your membership is paid.

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