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I recently tried to become a direct buy member. Granted this was before I read the complaints on here.

when the sales associate called me to set up the initial visit she asked about my family. So i told her my wife is in the army and currently deployed to afghanistan. She then proceded to tell me that because we are married that we both had to be there. Therefore i was not allowed to become a member because my wife is deployed.

Needless to say i had a few choice words for the lady and hung up on her. i'm guessing, after reading all the other complaints they wanted both of us there because of the $5000 membership fee. I have never been more pissed off in my life than when the sales associate told me that i wasn't allowed to go to the open house because my wife is deployed.

So because my wife made the choice to fight for all of our freedom we are not allowed to spend our money there.

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Olmos Park, Texas, United States #23584

dont think this is true i was able to join being single at the time. all you need to tell them is you are able to make a decision with out your spouce you know its a one shot deal

Suamico, Wisconsin, United States #22336

There not anti military, there anti single people. You must have a spouse to join and they must be present with you if you want to join.

Prato, Tuscany, Italy #21771

Until I read this review, I was investigating membership at Direct Buy as I an about to build a house. If this is not a one-off situation, I will not spend a dime at Direct Buy and will strongly encourage everyone else not to deal with Direct Buy.

Discrimination in any form, to anyone, is a bankrupt business practice - and against the law.

I will simply find other good deals. They are not the only company dealing as an intermediary between manufacturer and buyer

So, has anyone else been told that they are not welcome because there spouse was not available - especially our military????

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