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Direct Buy is a complete Rip Off! We made the mistake of purchasing a membership 2 years ago.

What a waste of money. Customer service on the phone was horrible. Calling to obtain prices was ridiculous. People would take our information and not call back for weeks.

Nothing we priced (from dishes and household stuff to toys to fencing) was priced for less through Direct Buy. We haven't used them to purchase one thing, and of course, letters requesting a refund of membership fees go unanswered. DON'T BUY A MEMBERSHIP FROM THEM.

You're better off buying a Sam's Club or Costco membership!

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Barnum, Minnesota, United States #35012

I agree with you. Customer service is not nice.

I just had a bad experience with them, treating me in a very rude way, and I'm not a member yet!

You know what? I'll never be a member of DirectBuy!

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