Joined direct buy in October 2014 in birminham Al. The store closed 2 months later.

I want out of my contract because it's not what I signed up for. Was told we can come in the store and shop and now there is no store. Was told I would have to drive to Atlanta which is the closest one. I'm a hands on shooper not a internet shopper, the people inherited e store assured me I could come to the store!

I'm sure they knew the store was closing an lied about it all! I will get a lawyer to resolve this deceitful manner in which I was tricked.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1228279

If you get a lawyer let me know lets sue the bastards. My email is peasouper1949@gmail.com


I am also in your situation with the Birmingham showroom location. DirectBuy emphasizes the value of exclusive access to the showroom and hundreds of manufacturer catalogs and price lists.

Then they close and tell us that online is just as good. It isn't! I am seeking a remedy and would like to discuss it with you.

If you have also had this problem, please call John at 205-453-4673.

Eola, Illinois, United States #993412

Has anyone hired a attorney i want to sue the bastards thus is total fraud. Closing the store after i signed the contract is breach and fraud.please petme.

Know if anyone has a attorney.

Thanks. Glenn31@charter.net

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #945530

I'm in the same situation you are. My husband and I paid in full, and now we might as well have flushed our money down the toilet. What recourse do we have?

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