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After a high pressure sales pitch, and $5,000+ membership fee out of pocket; we realized minimal savings on purchases totaling over $20,000. By the way, we still haven't covered our membership cost.

The brand selections are limited, and shopping by catalog is the only way you shop as they stock nothing. This shopping process and experience is exhausting, ineffective, extremely time consuming and frustrating. They take your check (no credit cards of cash) upfront for purchases, take forever to deliver, good luck trying to get a refund IF they accept a return. At best, you will be out the item, shipping costs and their added 8% handling fee.

This fee is added to most items and cuts deeply into any savings you think you may be getting. Furthermore, their staff knows very little about the items they sell.

Don't bother trying to complain for you will get the royal run around. Stay away from Direct Buy in Westbury!

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You know, one of the things about this ridiculously unscrupulous "company" is that some of their television advertisements are run on commercial time during talk shows with reputable hosts; i.e., Oprah, Montel Williams, et al. And while each of those shows airs at different times in different states with different advertisers, it does put forth the argument, as far from the truth as it is, that these hosts are somehow endorsing Direct Buy.

I believe Fox News a-hole in residence Glenn Beck even was endorsing DB on his radio show. He is a huge tool, but I don't think he would deliberately try and rip off fans of the show by his endorsement. Bottom line: These hosts have no clue that a sadistic outfit called Direct Buy is advertising on their shows.

Nor do they have any clue how badly the folks that were suckered into this company are suffering, and not only financially, but also their own perceived stupidity and shame over falling for something like this. In other words, there are a LOT of dissatisfied "members" who are hesitant to initiate any sort of legal redress because they simply cannot believe they were so foolish to fall for this scam.

I would like to say that I am a very savvy consumer, and as such would never do something as asinine as paying an outrageous sum of cash for absolutely nothing. But I was not at any of these "Open houses" and I cannot speculate how I would have felt. But to the taken "members" I would say that you are all not *** or foolish, but were simply caught off guard by a slick and persistent salesman/woman pitch and by the thought process of "Missing out on a good deal."

I would urge all you people to stop being so hard on yourselves and attempt to find other victims of these DB swindlers. You will be surprised, I am sure, by the education and professions and smart people that also made the mistake of falling for this cruel hoax. Let the anger of what happened to you, again, not just money-wise, but over a situation that may have caused you to think you have lost your sanity, to use that anger to propel a nice class action suit against these thieves. Much luck, everyone. And don't forget to adopt the attitude that there is karma in this world, and one way or the other the entity who scammed you will be held responsible sooner or later.

When these bastards have left the existence on earth and are being questioned by God with, "What have you done for your fellow man, I'd love to hear some of the answers.

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