We were enticed into going to a DirectBuy 'Open House' today (March 2, 2013) because we were being offered a 'tablet pc'' in exchange for listening to a 90 minute presentation. We thought what the heck a free tablet?

Why not?! We sat through a video presentation and had a salesperson sit with us to go over any questions. Their membership fee is $4,800 for the first three years and then $190/year for the following 7 years - basically a 10 year commitment. If we chose to leave so we could think about it the price upon our return would be $6,800 for the first three years.

Pretty pricey eh? The salesperson mentioned you would only get a discount on a product if it was currently in the manufacturer's production line. So it sounded like there were these catches. When we tried finding a product we were certain was in production - it was not in their catalog!

We got our free 'Zeepad' tablet. It's a piece of junk though. The screen was scratched up, the apps don't open, the manual is unreadable although it's in English.

After leaving the DirectBuy store we went online and found so many negative reviews! We're SO glad we didn't join!!!!

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