This is the 7th time I have posted the article about Direct Buy in Orlando Florida.Pissed Consumer.Com removes it daily hours after it is posted.

Direct Buy does not want anyone to know what I know about their company and Pissed Consumer.com is in bed with this company covering up facts.

I had the experience of taking a tour of this business located at 502 Sunport Lane Suite 400 in Orlando,Florida on June 11th 2010.

First I want to touch on Direct Buy's TV ads that offer a free invitation to lure consumer's into their business. First you call the 1-800-906-1411 number to set up your invitation. You will be asked whether your income is between $16,000 and $35,000 per year first, if you answer that your income is between $16,000 and $35,000 your not eligible and more than likely you will be hung up on with no further explanation as I was.At that point I decided to play their game and called the number back once again and provide a diffrent answer to the income level when asked.When I called the 800 number again a diffrent representative came on and asked the same question of income level and I stated this time that my income was between $35,000 and $55,000,this time I was recieved by the representative as being worthy of being invited to preview Direct Buy's showroom/open house and recieved the necessary invitation number.

At this point it is obvious that Direct Buy discriminates against any individual that states they make less than $35,000 per year.

On June 11th I went to their open house at 11:00am and was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Bill.The entire presentation was identical to a timeshare presentation. First Bill tried to make idle chat and find out what I do for a living which in timeshare is called breaking the ice/lowering the consumers defenses.Next we sat down and he proceded to ask me questions in order to fill out their survey.We then walked around the showroom where he pointed out the library of merchandise catalogue's from their factory direct suppliers. I was then shown a wall board of pages taken out of their catalogue with pricing they have for the products. This was like looking at a RCI or II catalogue of timeshares.Next we watched a video of members stating several advantages of their membership.again like timeshare. Finally we were shown more pages out of a catalogue of the savings.I know that the numbers/prices were inflated to make the presentation look fantastic so if you left without becoming a member you were on the loosing side of buying power. That was also ment to create the urgency for consumer's to become a member today. Bill then proceeded to provide the membership price stressing on the gold membership more than then the other two.The gold membership was $5,990 and covered you for 10 years but today we will *** $1000.00 which brings the membership to $4,990

and there is a additional $198.00 per year that can go up at anytime this one is the middle pricing.. WOW now we have the timeshare componet again called the drop price so you will think your getting a deal..

There are two other levels of membership one being platinum that sells for $6,990 and comes with a concierge service and still requires the additional $198.00 yearly membership,what a joke and so much like timeshare.Then there is the Silver for $3,490 plus the $198.00 fee yearly,this is their bottom of the line membership and you can only have axcess to 160 of the manufactures instead of the 750 manufactures with the gold and platinum memberships.

Well after listening to this garbage and going thur the presentation of 90 minutes I knew this company was a joke and they prey of consumers just as timeshare does and operates to this day. When I advised Bill I was not going to become a member today he stated that in that case I would not be invited back again for a seven year period,Oh just like timeshare or you loose out for seven years,what a joke.The best thing I can advise anyone is do not waste your time with this company or your money.

There are two other individuals that I failed to mention in this article a young woman by the name of Regina Baez that presents herslf as being one of the managers and denies the fact they sell their membership like timeshare or is just plan ***.She is your typical sales person/manager that knows nothing other than to run her mouth and be arrogant on her management/power trip. At best she should be in a closed office away from the public. And there is Brian Cohen the owner of the Orlando location which when I used the word discrimination ran scared of the fact being brough up.Either way these are the individuals running this operation.

For a company to be so secretive about so many aspects of it's operation and the amount of complaints out on the internet about Direct Buy this is surely a company to stay away from even if it has been in business since 1971,The Orlando location just resently opened after the Sanford Florida location closed it's doors. Now if this company is so successful why did the Sanford located close?. I'm sure they are having a difficult time surviving is this economy and you can only take advantage of so many people before the word get's out and door's are closed.

And another tid bit of information being worthy of this article is that they are constantly running employment ads for sales people.If this company is so successful then why do they have problems retaining their sales staff???

So there you have it BUYER BEWARE And potential job seekers BEWARE,this company is in denial of how it is structured and how it does business.And I can't wait to see how long it will be before the Orlando,Florida location closes it's door as Sanford did

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Jonesboro, Georgia, United States #909632

I just rec'd a letter from this company. I live in Port Orange.

I was told in the letter that I was to receive an ANDROID TOUCHPAD TABLET COMPUTER at NO CHARGE. AND a complimentary $100 restaurant card. And this was my FINAL notification. Well, we all know the "too good to be true" bull.

So, I looked it up as I would any questionable offer. I know there must be hundreds of folks who fall for this.

Stop these crooks.


I've found that Individuals such as Member usually work for the company that is being refered to in articles.

The give away component is that they always start some sort of name calling in their response about other Individuals that do not agree with their opinion about companies such as Direct Buy.

No surprise however since Direct Buy monitors web sites for defamation against their company.Direct Buy does not like the truth to get out about their sales practices or the products they sell unless it is a opinion they see as being in their best interest.

What a surprise about a company that is so secretive about their membership.


I'm sure both of you are to proud or brain washed to be able admit your being taken.

I can get just as good and many times better pricing,products and convenience by shopping locally.And I forget one major thing NO HASSEL BUYING.No shipping and handeling charges and delivery charges.

Sounds like both of you work for Direct Buy.Read the Internet posting's and take in the fact of law suits ect against Direct Buy that are on the Internet for the public to see.

If anyone is a *** apparently it is both of you. More than likely both of you own timeshares also.I suppose more than likely you do.People like you have a hard time saying no to sales people,and your possibly deep in dept for that exact reason.Keep believing your own silly reason why Direct Buy is such a good deal,other's know that it isn't because they do not fall victim to false truths.

Good luck in your make believe world.


Direct buy changes lives saved me over 10000 dollars on my home remodeling compared to retail prices


Your and *** this is a private club with access to the direct manufacturers pricing . Can you imaging if you bought everything at cost for the rest of your life.

Have fun shopping in retail you *** and I will continue to buy things at cost . You sir are a closed minded pompus *** with nothing better to do with your time!

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