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I am not a member of Direct Buy, nor will I be. I do not have the need, nor am I interested in driving three hours to the nearest showroom.

Direct Buy may have done well for some and bad for others. I truly and fairly can not comment on the greatness, or lack of greatness this company has.

HOWEVER, when I have asked reps from this company three times to remove me from their calling list, of which I have no idea I how I got on, I expect them to pull their head out of their A$$ and remove me. I have now e-mailed some company reps, and called the nearest store to request removal of my name, which would raise the request count now to six times.

Six times I have asked someone to stop. IS THAT NOT HIGH PRESSURE?

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Linstead, Saint Catherine, Jamaica #26617

Do what I do......set up the appointment and don't show.....after a couple of these the will beg to take you off their list.

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