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How do we fight direct buy? They got me as well.They sounded great when we signed up.The first thing I bought was a area rug and a vacuum .It was' nt even a month the vacuum quit working took a very long time to get my money back.It was constant arguing eith them until I threatend to call News 3 On my side .However I also said some other bad things.I felt bad for the words I chose so I called back told them i was sorry they did end up giving me the money back but it was a month or 2 before I got it.Now they have closed the doors on me. I cant even go check out samples its all on line .I never received a notice so I cancled payments.Now Beta Fianance Is constantly calling me.I dont want to pay for something that I cant use.Of corse this concerns me I know not paying them will hit my credit but I am very unhappy .please let us all pull together and find a Lawyer that will get us our money back prayers for all of you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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is there anyway we can recoop our membership or part of it. I would have to travel now about 3 hours to go to nearest showroom since the one in toledo closed.

their limited showroom hours prevent me from accessesing the showroom.

Not everything is online. I don't pay my yearly membership but I would like to get some of my entry fee back.

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