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I wouldn't even give them a star if I didn't have to give it any. FRAUD.

I had my 2009 VW Jetta not blowing out cold air. It turns out it's the compressor. I am on Pacific time so my claim didn't go in till after they close which is 6pm Eastern time. The claim department took over 45 minutes to have someone take it after hours and said it would not be reviewed till Monday.

so my car was at the dealership all weekend long. Then they deny my claim saying my car has a bulletin for the A/C I was like wtf is that. Well something that the company knows it will go out soon but not a recall. So I cancelled they took 250 for admin fees and prorated it.

I just got the plan 35 days ago. So had I known my ac was going out 5 days ago then I could have canceled before their mandatory fees.

I say BEWARE this company is a JOKE!!! Save your money you'll be throwing it away with them.

Monetary Loss: $1895.

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Misled on initial visit concerning prices. By time add fees & coded charges, prices are not better than retail sales.

Purchased 3 Kohler commodes to replace home toilets. All 3 have had major problems. I believe they are 2nds or not what i would have purchased at large retail stores that would have serviced the warranty. Paid 1 yr membership & wasnotified of extension due to class action lawsuit.

Refused to honor the 4 mth extension. Also told us they were opening a showroom inour town 60 miles from one we joined.

Would not recommend this club. Lafayette, LA


joined direct buy approx a yr ago. bought about 6 items from them.

had 3 problems with the 6 i purchased. each time, it took forever to get any employee to say that they had heard from me about any problems even though i sent emails and calls to them. had the emails and the dates, but they still denied. in a dispute now with some chairs i bought that are junk.

still under warranty, and they wanted pictures of the chairs/recliners so the service people from another service center can determine whether they can be fixed and the fabric replaced on the cushions. tell me how a picture will tell anyone about most of the problems with fabric or defects in a recliner without taking it apart or trying to get the lighting right? have had the other two orders, one from ordering on the web site for direct buy, that was continually back ordered even though the web site stated it was available. the other issue was a chandelier that when we had to drive over 1 1/2 for pick up, there was a part missing and a major piece of glass broken that you could tell it was not broken in the box, as there were not signs of glass in the box.

this company seems to always direct you to buy, either 2nds, leftovers, or worse. try to get any customer service from them after paying their membership fees!

you're on your own, and left with telling them where to find service or repair work. think they like taking the membership fees just to have their show rooms open and to keep your money.


I was an employee for them in FL. The lady that trained me said that, "I'm a lousy trainer, but I'm all you've got!" I was not given the same treatment as another new employee doing the same job.

The trainer yelled at me regularly for even small errors, but never at the other person. I was fired after two weeks without good cause, and filed an EEOC complaint.

But, being a "family business", everyone denied my trainer's abusive treatment. What a bunch of a__holes.

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