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My husband and I went to direct buy today and yes there presentation was very good they had me convinced however when they told us we had to decide right there and then I soon changed my mind nobody should have to decide on giving that much money away unless there was something they didn't want us to know. They told us if we did not take the offer then we could not come back for 7 years now come on people that's just nuts. later after we came home i looked on line about a tv they were so proud of at direct buy the tv was 73" Mitsubishi they say it is sold for 4,999 and at direct buy its only either 3,200 or 3,800 can't remember which one but I looked it up on line circuit city sells the tv for 2,599.00 go look no joke I was very mad at this point if I would have purchased there membership today and came home and seen what everyone else was selling it for I would have flipped I also read a review on here about having a couple that just seemed to know everything about the prices and had to much input for me I think the couple was staged and now I know DO NOT FALL FOR DIRECT BUY

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Panola, Texas, United States #18578

You're a smart cookie, Melonie!

I have always been an avid proponent of the theory that if the offer is only good right now, and you have to decide before you walk out the door, then by golly, you better walk out the door.

If their product was such a great deal, they wouldn't hesitate to allow intelligent consumers to go home, mull it over a couple of days, maybe do some reserach, and then make an informed decision.

If they're not willing to do that, then you better believe--they've got something to hide! (Such as the real story behind the price of that Mitsubishi TV).

Well done, Melonie! And thanks for warning me.

Arundel, Maine, United States #17183

*** please I bet you work for them for 30 years....give people their money back evil ***.....

Whitehaven, Tennessee, United States #15069

hmm...Rick if you don't already work for direct buy you should think about getting a job there. Go online to circuit city and look up that mitsubishi 73" tv and then go to direct buy and see the savings your getting. None you would pay more

Atlanta, Texas, United States #14945

You're wrong. I have been a member for 30 years and have save tens of thousands of dollars.

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