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lets keep it in their (directbuy) face

- Andrew writes:

Everyone here has the same familiar story. Mine was in Duluth, Georgia. Everything was fine until I realized I was one of those audience people in an infomercial, (except I wasn't being paid to pretend that I was gullible). I was internally angry so I just played with my phone and kept quiet so that I wouldn't embarrass my significant other. Plain and simple, they didn't want to let me go through the catalogs to make sure I was going to really save a substantial amount of money. This was even after I mentioned that I was looking to spend a minumum of 45K in upgrades like flooring, furniture and miscellaneous. I told them I'd love to do business with them but I'm not about to drop $4900 without making sure that this is going to work for me. The rep kept circling back to "lets figure out an easy payment plan for you". When I realized the rep wasn't going to work with me on helping "me" feel better about giving them my money I then said I'm sorry to see that Direct Buy is willing to lose an obviously good customer with obvious intentions to make large purchases. Of course the rep went back to saying things like I would have a 3-day period to change my mind after purchasing the membership. The rep also added that I wouldn't be allowed to come back for seven years if I didn't buy it before I walked out the door. (Of course 7 years may be the grieving period needed to get over making a bad financial decision). I then thanked the rep for the time and shook hands and proceeded to walk to my car. This is a very sad situation to see that Direct Buy is basically a showroom presentation designed to take advantage of those people who break under pressure. The more you resist the more they turn into used car salesman using every angle possible. Best advice I can give those who are easily pressured in situations like these: Tell the person "I feel very uncomfortable about making an immediate decision that impacts my finances and family". Then rise to your feet and say "I thank you for your time but I need to leave". Then start walking and don't stop until your driving away. You'll feel better about your decision and yourself.

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