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All I can say is "DO NOT JOIN", we have taken this as a lesson learned. But I want to do my part to let everybody knows that these people are not decent and don't let yourself be *** like I was ***.

We've joined with the understanding that we will save money, but this was not true in anyway, we have done some research and you can buy cheaper in the retail store etc..Costco, Fry's. I'm waiting for a "CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST DIRECTBUY".

We need to have these people like Directbuy off the street so they will stop hurting other Families, try more online ressearch about them before you going to their so call private store.


Monetary Loss: $9.

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Not a scam!This is a different way of doing business that most people don't understand.

We have been members for 7 years now and the money we saved just on the granite for our kitchen paid for our membership. We have purchased bedroom furniture, wool rugs, down pillows, numerous lamps, cabinet hardware, golf clubs, cherry flooring, window shades (levelor), appliances and much more. The savings was phenomenal and the quality was all excellent. My Tumi luggage was the envy of many on a recent trip to Europe.

If you are not looking to do big projects or use Direct Buy for most of your purchases, simply don't join. Easy as that.

But if you join, always check with your membership before buying anything - from watches, wedding invitations, mikasa dishes, children's playscapes, cameras, etc!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #710740

Bigger project does not equate with bigger savings at DB.Anyone telling you this is lying.

You will not get the quality you expect just because you spent more money.Run, don't walk away from DB!


Ponzi et al v. DirectBuy Inc et al

Case Number: 3:2008cv01274

Filed 20 Aug 2008 in Connecticut District Court, New Haven, CT

Nature of Suit: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

Telling members and prospective members they are getting merchandise at cost and then they secretly reserve and keep all discounts not a racket?

Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia #23183

What everyone's failing to understand is the true math of DirectBuy...Business Model makes sense, but - the high-pressure sales/timeshare presentation from *** - is what throws everyone off.

However, it seems DB has differing pricing structure depending on your part of the country, not only that is most people are only looking at the years 1 & 2, failing to mention the additional years of 3-10 that you must pay membership also.

At the end of the day Buyer Beware - the membership can easily cost you over $15k just in membership fees not including, sales tax & interest fees (credit card, financing, etc).

Will you honestly spend $30k in the next 10 years to recoup some of the savings you must pay up front?

I simply didn't like the "gun to the head" approach...If it were a lifetime membership of $15k, I may have reconsidered, but limiting my buying power to 10 years - is ludacris...

Victoria, Wales, United Kingdom #22996

I really do believe that this company is a scam.Yes, they have name brand furniture but so does Raymore and Flannigan.

Do yourself a favor and get a membership at BJ's or Costco adn save thousands on the membership.Always do your research before buying from anyone.

Patterson, Georgia, United States #22988

We joined 3 years ago when we bought our new home because we thought we will finish the basement and buy other stuff.We paid 3,500 for the membership and the next month bought stone for the kitchen floor, we have a big kitchen just on that purchase we saved 3,000 after that we bought couple of fans and lights to replace the standard ones, we both are programmers so we know how to search for prices and we found out that even when you can find some stuff cheaper in internet they didn't come with the manufacturer warranty or the diference was really minimum even with shipping.

So I think at least our experience is good, we have save a lot but of course we have done many things to our house, we make good money and we can do it but if you are in low income this club is not for you because even when they have removed brands like Bernhardt (furniture) that is top of the line they still carry a lot of good brands.

You need to do your homework and some times yes you will not buy in DB but it is not a scam.

And We are programmers in a software company do not work for Direct Buy.Just everybody has different experiences.

Dennysville, Maine, United States #21621


Anybody that's defend this filthy so call company, must be working for them. Do yourself a favor and get out, directbuy scam will get you behind bars one of these days.



My husband and I just went to an "open house" at DirectBuy" and left right after the presentation.That $4500 is only a good investment if you're going to spend at least 25000.00.

Anyway, why charge people at 10-year membership fee?To me this in itself IS a scam.

Watervliet, New York, United States #15438

its a rediculous setup. you pay part, realize the scam, cant afford to pay all of the fees, then get penalized without even utilizing the very "membership" your paying for. im all for suing the bastards.

New Glarus, Wisconsin, United States #11737

Great article

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