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My wife and I signed up and paid $5000.00 after submitting to the high pressure "pay now or never." I have been kicking myself ever since. I planned on doing my shopping online more than 90% of the time and inquired about that before signing up. I was told everything I wanted to hear. I was also told that we would have access to every product that each manufacturer made. Not so. The majority of the manufacturers were very high end and had products that were too high priced. The ones that we were familiar with had very limited selections.

The website was extremely poorly put together and it was hard to see or know what you were buying. On one link there was one picture for fifteen different items and the short, vague description only let you that it was an item you didn't want.

I spent hours and hours online and spent just as much time travelling to their showroom and looking thru their catalogues and came away frustrated and pissed. The miniscule savings are not worth the extreme time and effort and does not justify the high membership fees. Shopping with Directbuy is very time consuming and very,very inconvenient.

Those members who criticize us disgruntled members are either retired old *** with crazy time on their hands, or they are Directbuy employees who have infiltrated the complaint sites to try and balance the comment. They are liars and scammers. I wish there was a classaction lawsuit in Florida so I could sign up. I am so pissed, I am contemplating picketing in front of there warehouse to warn off as much people as possible. I have contacted one of my local news stations in the hopes they will run a segment exposing the scam. I am so pissed

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Never enter into a contract without an out clause. As for the person that works there, your use of profanity in your message depicts the type of person you are. We have dealt with while people trying to discuss our options at Direct Buy with no success.


I laugh at the idiots on here ranting about how Direct Buy is a scam. I bet 90% of you aren't even members and are simply pissed off because you could not afford the membership fee.

I work there and I see hundreds of people saving a *** load of money everyday. Everything is at least 50-60% off what you would be paying in retail. We aren't sales, all we do is type your orders, the people crying about "no service" and "they are clueless", that's because we aren't suppose to *** know what you people want to buy, before you even sign up you are INFORMED that you are suppose to COME and buy ONLY when you KNOW what you want. We aren't there to tell you this is better or buy this instead of that, we don't give a *** about what you buy we aren't making commission like retail stores.

We also won't fill you up with *** like retail stores do to simply sell you something. You buy what you want, we make no profit from it. The idiots yelling out it's a scam are probably some pissed off retards that ordered an item and inputted the wrong model number and received something different.

That is there own fault as we make them CHECK and SIGN the papers stating that it's what they REALLY want. If they chose the wrong item, it's there own problem.


Direct Buy complaint by Ianfong

Langford, post the directbuy log info to their site here so we all can see what a load of *** they are peddeling


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