The store in Northern Virginia pressured with constant calls and mailings. When I went to the presentation, it sounded to good to be true. Unfortunately, it was.

The agent signed me up before revealing any of the problems with the service. $5300 was a lot of money for a 3-year membership. It's not a one-time payment. You have to pay a few hundred dollars a year to remain a member.

Once I was able to see that when they said "golf clubs," they meant exactly that. They don't sell sets of clubs, only individual drivers and fairway metals. I did not recognize any of the companies supplying their cabinets, but they had high prices. One cannot see any of the large, expensive items before ordering them. To place an order, one has to go to the store and have a sales associate place the order. It's could be an opportunity for him or her to suggest buying more merchandise.

If you purchase something, you must provide the labor and means of transportation to get your purchase home. You have about 3-5 days to make those arrangements and pick up the merchandise. You also have the pay the shipping costs, which make the final price not much of a bargain at all.

If I'd known all of this before I agreed to this "once in lifetime opportunity," I would not have joined.

Costco or other big box stores are the way to go!

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