Dirrectbuy at Granite drive, Rocklin charges $6000 for its membership which if not paid in full will be charged an interest rate of 17% on the leftover amount. They make false claim that you save 30 to 70% on furniture and on average you save atleast 30 to 40%. This was found to be totally false statement to mislead innocent and ignorant customers like us.

The presentation is a very good example of high pressure sales tactics with rapid overdose of information tailored to convince an honest and unsuspecting buyer to part with his hard earn money and then be eft in lurch trying hard to recover his losses.

The trick of directbuy, Granite Dr, Rocklin, is to convinces you that you will save tens of thousand on your periodic upgrades but is pretty convinced itself to take its pound of flesh even before you could see a catalouge. The question is why dont they take half of the savings that you make?? I am sure that any would be more than happy to save 30% on all purchases and not mind directbuy also making a profit of 30%.

The Truth is that would never get them to reach a figure of $6000 per customer. Once you sign, you are stuck with it. Though some were in small print its written that you can cancel your membership in first three days, you will never know it as it wont be told or talked about at any moment during the misleading presentation or the deceiving signing of contract. By the time you come to know the facts its past three days and too late for an ordnary person to get his money back. But if many people feel the same its easy to get together and ensure that the directbuy at Rocklin pays back to its customers with the 17% interest. You can judge the magnitude of misinformation by reading the testimonials on their web site claiming a saving of SEVENTY THOUSAND in four months!!! The lady at an average saving of 35% would have spent at least TWO HUNDRED HOUSAND on her credit card or cash from the bank. Its left to your imagination the truth of such testimonials. My experience has been that the catalogue costs do look to be 40% to 50% cheaper than suggested retail price. But you need to know that once approximately 28% of handling and freight is added, the difference is only 22%. In purchasing furniture, if you do not finance and pay the entire cost by credit card or check, you get 20% discount at most furniture stores and in addition they give a very good aftersales service. This leave 2% saving with no home delivery. At directbuy once you have paid and past three days of membership, you have to do every thing yourself in a hope to recover your lost money.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Nordend-Ost, Hesse, Germany #45700

I wonder why a person should pay direct buy $ 6000 to get a life. It would be a *** way to add to the riches of the rich and make yourself poorer by the amount. I would love to have alife where I spend every penny of 6000 to enjoy a real life. I agree with the original review and if the savings were really as good as claimed by direct buy, a 50% sharing of savings whould ensure a return of 30 to 40 thousand dollars to direct buy from the customers testimonials on their ads claiming savings of 70,000 in few months.

Why is direct buy so *** not to learn this over 30 years of bussiness and have happier customers with no membership fees? well they are smart shrewd bussiness house whose only aim is to make money. And guess what... They found that the world is full of enough *** gulible people to belive in the bussiness house that claims to give you profits of $ 70,000 at the cost of $ 6000. The truth here is... come on fool get a life? pay right now 6000 and dream of recovering it by spending another $ 100,000 or more. Have a life and hope for the best. I would say you are more likey to make monet in las vegas or lotto than direct buy.

I am not a lawer but have faith in the legal system of our graet country. I am sure if all the members who feel cheated regardless of you buying things from them get togeather, direct buy will have to honour the claims and refund or stop luring more unwary members. In both cases you will succeed by either getting your money back or doing social work of saving others from the same money loosing trap.

Advice to all get alife of quality on real visible values and not hidden secret savings. The question is why dont we pay as we save along our purchases? Let direct buy keep 50 % of the savings at every purchase we make and charge no membership fees. I wish I had known all this before and would have asked this question at the presentation. Why is direct buy interested in your hard earned $ 6000 and not tapping into the secrets of wealth that the retailers dont want us to Know? Their customers in testimonials claim to save 70 to 100 thousands and 50% of these would be definately worth much more than $6000. Whos having a life? and Who is being *** is left for you to figure out. But Direct buy has grown over the past 30 years and definately not *** enough to let you make 100K and be happy with your 6000. Well maybe they feel that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. How do you feel about it is the real question??????


You people need to get a life. Direct Buy isn't for everyone.

I know almost everything there is to know about Direct Buy. Don't sit here and bash Direct Buy just because you has an unpleasant experience. I mean all kinds of people have bad experiences with places but maybe it's just not for you or maybe it was a certain instance. Direct Buy DOES save people money and it has been helping families for over 30 years or else why would they be expanding and still running business'.

Get a life and stop scaring people away. And to those of you who complain about the phone calls...If you would just pick up the phone the first time and just say you are no longer interested then they would definately stop calling you. Even if it's the 2nd or 3rd time. It's understandable that you might not be reachable the first few times.

That's why they call. It's only the people who are too scared and chicken *** to just pick up the phone and just say your not interested. Or call back from the message they left you. I mean it's was YOU who called Direct Buy first.

Direct Buy in MOST cases only calls the people who contacted them first. Don't try and mess things up for the people who could benefit! Like I said it's not for everyone. If your not making significant purchases or plan to remodel, then hey...but it can also help for everyday purchases.

Check it out for YOURSELF! :p

Dolan Springs, Arizona, United States #25162

Your comments are very accurate. I have had a very negative experience with Direct Buy of Sacramento.

I have been a member for over a year and have ordered several products from flooring to furniture. Savings are exagerrated, to recoup the membership fee, we tend to be optimistic.

>70% of my orders have had issues including: incomplete product, multiple pickup schedules, product discontinued which we found at the time of delivery - 6 weeks after ordering the product; damaged products - cannot recieve replacement since the products were old and discontinued. Each time I had to follow up on the status of an order and the response is always the same - "we sent a note to the manufacturer and we are waiting for a response or we sent a note to the corporate office." Direct buy collects the money the day you order, after that you are completely at their mercy...."you get what you get and when they get it to you" The will do nothing to expedite the process if they mess up an order they will not provide an alternative replacements or proactively identify issues and provide solutions.....I have placed over 15 orders and wonder how could I have been such a fool.....since I was ordering different products for a brand new custom home ...it took me time to plot the trend and I had already placed the orders before i figured out the pattern and lackadaisical approach to "customer service" If I had only done my research, I would have saved 6K and avoided the level of frustration, anxiety and long lead time of waiting for shippments to arrive....

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