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I have never encountered a company like DirectBuy, and I hope to never do so again. Have you heard of their wonderful $50,000 home makeover giveaway?

The unending commercials don't tell you that you must meet income requirements to be eligible. So much for "no purchase necessary"! If you don't have to buy anything (per the laws of nearly every state regarding sweepstakes), what difference does it make to DirectBuy HOW much money you make? No matter how often you unsubscribe, the unwelcome email solicitations will just keep coming.

Good luck reaching their "customer service" department (absolute contradiction in terms). You might get an operator with an attitude, but no one who can actually help you.

I was told I definitely won't receive any more emails or calls, but then, that's what their "unsubscribe" function said, as well. I won't hold my breath; no one looks good in that shade of blue!!

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I noticed the contract said three days to cancel and when I asked when do I get my membership to see if this is for me. I was told I would be able to go on line in one or two days.

5 days later I finally got my pin I was so excited to see how much money I was going to save. When I found some great buys it was quanity of 6 min. what the heck am I going to do with 6 queen sheet sets? Your not allowed to sell on ebay.

Further investigating I found out the STate of Ohio allows customers to cancel within three days so they can shop and do comparison etc. Well I did cancel via certified mail three days after I got my membership pin.

Still waiting to see what is going to happen. Hopefully someone from directbuy will see this and respond if that is how they get around the law waiting more than three days to allow you to use their membership.

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