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I made a complaint to our local BBB, and they said it was not within their scope to address "buyer's remorse". This is not anything close to buyer's remorse, this is an illegal, immoral, and unscrupulous company using hig-pressure "now-or-never" tactics, which by it's very definition is coercion. Follow up immediately with your local BBB, state and Federal Attorney General's Office, and if necessary, hire an attorney to research you local State Statutes that may give you specific language under the Consumer Protection Act as a way to fight these predators. Below is an excerpt from what I wrote to our local BBB that refused to take any action:

With all due respect to you and the BBB, this is not a case of "Buyer's Remorse", but moreover a case of predatory practices employed by this business to secure clientele. With regard to the business mentioned in our original letter, DirectBuy of (XYZ), we were pressured into believing that had we not joined at that moment, we would never be invited to join again. By this act, it is the very definition of "High Pressure Sales" techniques, which is our belief to be an immoral, oppressive, unethical, and unscrupulous practice as defined by Oklahoma Statutes, Title 15 - Contracts, Ch. 20, Consumer Protection Act, Sect. 752 - Definitions, 14. By utilizing this practice, they are also in violation of Oklahoma Statutes, Title 15 - Contracts, Ch. 20, Consumer Protection Act, Sect. 753 - Unlawful Practices, 20, which directly refers to Section 752.

While the BBB doesn't have any legal power with this company, might I also remind you of your Vision Statement as posted on your website: "Our Vision: An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other." Also, immediately below your Vision Statement is your Mission Statement, an excerpt including the below:

Creating a community of trustworthy businesses

Setting standards for marketplace trust

Encouraging and supporting best practices

Celebrating marketplace role models, and;

Denouncing substandard marketplace behavior

By and with your failure to take any corrective action and communicating to this company their violation of State Statutes, you may as well be aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise. I sincerely hope this is not the case, and that you will reconsider you voluntary choice of inaction.

Believe it or not, I AM NOT an attorney, just someone that gets mad and starts looking at what I can do to stop this kind of thing. My best wishes to all of you that have been taken for the ride and victimized by this company. Please research you local laws and statutes, and don't let the BBB tell you "No". Take action, that is what America is about!

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I have never seen high pressure sales like or never...

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