Directbuy is the best thing for consumers. I am actually a member not somebody who is upset at the fact that they could not join DB just because they could not afford it.

To all of you that are NOT MRMBERS get a life. When was the last time a retailer ever offered to put money back into your pocket NEVER, They bait and switch, smoke and mirrors and other sales tactics to get you through the door and then make a huge profit off of you. I DB was a scam they would not have been in buisness as along as they have. Why do you think their is so many retail stores out their, because they are giving consumers the best price NO..

They are making alot more off of consumers over the long haul.. Before you bash a buisness you might want to be real with the information before you make allegations. Anyone with a keyboard and a internet connection can badmouth someone.. Pissed consumer is probily some little okey doke kid to lazy to get a real job and is using this to try to make money..

GET A JOB Saved tens of thousands of dollars with DIRECTBUY..

Saving money is not for everyone.. Pleased DB member

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If you are just a member, how come all of the Direct Buy sales pitch talking points are in your post? I can even list the high pressure ones:

- Joining DB puts money back in your pocket

- Other retailers make a huge profit off you

- DB has been in business for a long time

- The only people who don't join are the ones who can't afford to

- Other retailers are making more off you in the long run...

You are either a Direct Buy sales person (if so, I feel sorry for the way you are treated at work by your employer and the way you are expected to treat potential customers) or worse, your are the "Family" owner of Direct Buy in which case I wish you nothing but the worst in your current and future ventures. You are truly the *** of the earth


They used to be called UCC (United Consumers Club), but they closed their locations after taking everyone's money. Now they are at it again.

Wait a few years and they will close up shop again. Rat B@st@rds!

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