I just want to thank u for all this info, we were going to check out the free visitors pass until I read the comments on this site...I had a hard time choking down the thought of spending thousands of dollars just to join let alone membership fees also. Our projects were not major so this would not be the way for us to go.

It sounds like the old Amway sales pitch and scam (just not pyramiding) All the have to do is get their uneducated consumer to listen to their scam tactics. Too many of us r trusting.

Good job

Marie & Tom

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Erick, Oklahoma, United States #22719

My initial membership fee was $8K in Silicon Valley.

So far, I've saved $200.

I quizzed them extensively before joining and Mia told me that their biggest savings were in furniture.

Well, I went in for a quote today on Ashley Funiture line. I priced out five headboards. My total price is $2500 for all five. This includes tax, freight ($500), 8% handling premium they charge (which is how they stay in business), sales tax of 8.5%. I would have to hire another mover for $500 to move the headboards and setup at my house.

I contacted a couple of "retail" stores. Their quote is $2600 out the door.

I don't really see a savings there at all.

Truro, Iowa, United States #14053

How much does BuyersDirect charge for initial and/or yearly fees?

Do they charge per purchase or shipping?

Would they claim that a product is out-of-stock therefore having to charge a special order fee?

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