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*** DirectBuy keeps calling my phone all *** day atleast 4 days a week. I'll get atleast 5 calls a day from them.

When I'm at work, or relaxing at home. The *** is *** annoying. I'm about to cuss them out. That *** gets on my nerves!

I mean if I don't answer the first time after you leave a message, why the *** would you keep calling me?? It makes no *** sense, they just keep blowing up my phone.

How *** pathetic are you, that you have to blow up peoples phone to get a *** member??

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to vincent and gravedigger.. get a *** life..

ok.. not every one can sit infront of a *** computer and just talk *** about other peoples frustrations.. I have to work all the *** time.. The only reason I found this site and put up my complaint was because I found this site looking up something about DirectBuy and wanted to see what it was about..

I can't pick up the phone when I am at work and I am too tired to want to talk to anyone when I get home.. So why don't you just *** off and let me vent my anger.. And if you got a problem with that.. Take it up with somebody else..

Because I could give a *** what you have to say..

You don't know me and you don't know how hectic my life is.. So just *** off..


First off I was giving them some *** good advice. Trying to save them aggravtion.

I guess I overstepped my bounds. All I'm saying is that is what I did, I told them to put me on the DNC list and the said ok.

I haven't got a phone call since. And sir before you insult me learn how to spell.


If you number two and three think it's really that simple, then why are you commenting on other peoples frustrations on this very sitey you're critizing!?! To gravedigger and Vincent, if this is one other way people can vent their concerns and annoyance then let them be, that is why sites like this exist!!!

Obviously, the two of you have nothing better to do than browse sites to knock people!!! Jack ***!


I got this guy calling my cell phone asking for my wife and she didn't sign up or contact them! Then this *** insisted that she attends the open house with me because it's for couples only! Well, I'm filing a descrimination and harrassment suit and I suggest everyone file suit against this annoying company.


Another complete *** who has the time to find a site to complain, but is not as smart as the rest of society to register with DNC or just say no.


Why don't you just pick up the phone and say you are not interested and save yourself the aggravation of having them call? Instead of complaining on a website why don't you just do the smart thing and tell them to put you on the DNC list and your problem will be solved.

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