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We joined Direct Buy 3 years ago when we purchased a new home and needed a lot of items.We saved over $1,000.00 just on window blinds!

Believe me , we checked EVERYWHERE to find the best price, Direct Buy was the lowest by far!

We have purchased appliances, furniture, carpeting, whole house water conditioner and much more. With every purchase, we compared prices to at least 4 other vendors and Direct Buy prices were always better.

We feel it is a great service and don't feel ripped off at all.The only negatives, are that they need a better website and more vendors.

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You could have bought blinds for your self way cheaper then Direct Buy dont kid yourself.Give me your $6000.00 this year and I will go online and drive around till I beat Direct Buys pricing.

lol. I went there with a list of items, I mean a list over ten items. One was a TV that I purchased for my in laws for Christmas. Direct Buy actualy had this same TV for $2000.00 more then I spent.

lol. Crazyness........So then I priced out the other items on my list and it didnt save me a bit of money. They were all the same price or more. After I was like this is a joke.

They tried even more convicing on other items like Flooring and had better quality flooring priced out as well.

They try to convince you there quality is the best and you get up to 50% off.I dont think soooo.

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