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I received a call from a Direct Buy telemarketer who told me I had been selected to to get into a contest in which I could win $50,000. It had to do with getting a key that would open a box or something at their showroom.

I thought about it for a minute, I had heard about the membership costs, and knew I wasn't going to sign up. But, I am doing some upgrades in my home over the next few months, and the guy on the phone was vague when I told him what I had heard about the membership fees. He gave me examples of people he knew who had bought a $700.00 couch for less than $400.00, and I should have stopped right there. I've seen $700.00 couches, and that was not what I was looking for.

I eventually said that he could send me info, and that I would like to participate in their contest, although at the time, I didn't exactly know what my obligation would be.

Ok, here's the clincher, after talking to me for almost 15 minutes, the guy asks me my income range, 20,000-40,000, 40,000-60,000, etc. When I told him my income was between 20-40, he said I didn't qualify for their contest and hung up. Just that fast.

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what a coincidence, i just had some *** from db call me with the same bait & switch scam. i was in the military stationed in virginia for a few years, so i've heard a LOT of scams in my day.

i'm always skeptical of scammers. this didn't sound right in the 1st place. i would never let myself get taken advantage of by these clowns.

so i decided to do a little research of these guys and i found this page. funny huh?


My husband's cousin went to some kind of warehouse retail store to buy those front load washers/dryers that are so trendy now for $900 ea. I thought he was out of he's mind, because you can shell out the same money at Home Depot and have a warranty. The washer/dryer didn't have any extended warranty.

Remember: if you have to pay 3-7k membership fee to shop, then you know it's a scam

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